Muscat 2015 Reviews

90 points – Liam Carrier – – May 12, 2016

Sourced from the winery’s home vineyard on the Naramata Bench, this Muscat will brighten the cloudiest of days with its cheerful, feminine profile of peach skin, nectarine, creamy lemon drop, sweetened flowers, grapes and light spice notes on the delicate nose and the slightly off-dry, well-balanced palate. An effortless drink and one ready to be consumed in its youth. Drink now-2018.

92 points – Rick VanSickle – Wines in Niagara – May 4, 2016

An exciting and unique nose of peach, star fruit, lime and grapefruit with a subtle anise note playing in the background. The sweetness works well with a broad range of exotic fruits and is balanced somewhat by the freshening, natural acidity.

92 points – Daenna Van Mulligen – Wine Scores / Wine Diva 

A wine I look forward to each new vintage. As the name suggests, there is a consistent purity to this wine, which is made from estate grown Moscato Giallo.
It bursts with provocative aromas of apricots, honey, white raisins, exotic citrus and summer blossoms. It is racy and immaculate in the mouth; again, sunwarmed apricot, honey and vibrant citrus flavours mingle on the palate. Lovely concentration, outlandishly expressive and virtually endless.


Un-Oaked Chardonnay 2015 Reviews

88 points – Steve Thurlow – Wine Align – May 21, 2016

It’s tough to make unoaked chardonnay. This is very good with a lifted nose of apple and white plum fruit with some sweet herbal and floral tones. It is midweight and dry with a herbal apple flavoured palate with good length. Try with sauteed seafood. Tasted May 2016.

91 points – Rick VanSickle – Wines in Niagara – May 4, 2016

The minerality is more expressive with each passing vintage of Joie’s “Chablis-esque” Chardonnay, which is crucial, in my opinion, for a stripped down, unoaked version of this varietal. It shows a range of citrus and apple notes with that lovely and fresh river-rock minerality. The apple is ripe on the palate with sharp lemon and grapefruit that pops on the finish.

88 points – Liam Carrier – – May 4, 2016

Sourced from two vineyards, one situated along the Skaha Bench and Joie’s own vineyard on the Naramata Bench, this orchard fruit-infused Chardonnay is richly textured despite its lack of contact with oak during fermentation or élevage. Potent Jazz apple and tropical fruit acidity add a counter-balance to the weighty, glycerol-coated mouth feel, leaving a crisp finish where citrus peel and light spice notes linger. Enjoy this refreshing, well-made Chardonnay in its youth. Drink now-2018.

88 points – Sara d’Amato – Wine Align – April 27, 2016

A nicely defined unoaked chardonnay, notably different from previous vintages. Fresh, unadulterated, vibrant, pure and clean. There is pep and fruit here as well which is often lacking in this style of chardonnay. Modern, pleasantly tart and wholly appealing. Tasted April 2016.






Pinot Blanc 2015 Reviews

88 points – John Szabo – Wine Align – May 14, 2016

Joie has crafted a technically spot on, clean, fresh and ripe pinot blanc here in 2015, with fresh-from-the-vat fermentation aromas of banana and green apple, and delicate white blossom florality. The just off-dry palate (8 grams of residual sugar/liter) is freshened and enlivened with the merest CO2 spritz and sufficient acids to keep things fairly tight. It makes for a light and easy-drinking, breezy patio style wine that will please widely. Pinot Blanc clearly has an affinity for the Okanagan Valley, as this well balanced, if straightforward, example shows. Tasted May 2016.

89 points – Rick VanSickle – Wines in Niagara – May 4, 2016

A harmonious nose of citrus, apple and minerality that excites the senses. It’s juicy with a touch of sweetness that highlights the apple and other orchard fruits all delivered through a polished, clean finish.

90 points – Liam Carrier – – May 1, 2016

A delicious and aromatic Pinot Blanc sourced from St. Hubertus Winery’s vineyard in East Kelowna. Peach and sweet melon aromas grace the layered nose with fresh flowers, apple skin and grape seed notes adding depth. The palate has rounded edges of plump orchard and melon fruit with a tangy core of citrus acidity and steely minerality. Lime zest lingers on the long finish. Drink now-2018.

89 points – Sara d’Amato – Wine Align – April 24, 2016

This pinot blanc gives great personality to a varietal that can often be neutral. Brimming with fruit both on the intensely aromatic nose and on the palate with flavours such as melon, green apple, peach and honeysuckle. Lush and clean with only a hint of sweetness Fresh, pure and widely appealing. Tasted April 2016.




A Noble Blend 2015 Reviews

90 points –  Remy Charest – Wine Align – May 31, 2016

In all likelihood the best version of this remarkably smart blend of Alsatian varieties. Exciting and aromatic, luscious yet nervy and refreshing, it seems to strike absolutely all the right notes. Pretty much the perfect summer wine.

91 points –  Tim Pawsey – The Hired Belly 

Joie’s flagship blend is mainly Gewurz and Riesling with Pinot Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, and a splash of Muscat and Schoenberger. The result is an aromatic wine with spicy and floral notes through a juicy, gently tropical toned mid palate and a zesty end

90 points –  John Szabo – Wine Align – May 17, 2016

A fine follow-up to the also excellent 2014, this “Noble Blend” of aromatic grapes led by gewürztraminer and riesling has become a house specialty and flagship style for Joie. I think they’ve nailed the effusive floral-fruity aromatics here, and pitched the acid-sweetness balance marvellously (7 grams of sugar for almost 9 of acid), though this remains gentle on the palate thanks to the voluptuous text of gewurz and the softer aids of pinot blanc. Flavour intensity is high over all, and they style is tailor made for fragrant southeast Asian cuisine with its own sweet-sour-aromatic-piquant balance. Tasted May 2016.

3.5/5 stars – Bill Zacharkiw – Wine Align – May 9, 2016

Joie are really dialing this blend down. Sweet fruit on the attack. Richly textured but finishes tight with a refreshing bitter and spice note. Excellent aperitif or with spicy seafood. May 2016

90 points – Rick VanSickle – Wines in Niagara – May 4, 2016

A proprietary six-grape blend with Gewurztraminer doing the heavy lifting. It has a spicy nose of nutmeg, ginger, creamy pear, tropical fruits and grapefruit. It has gorgeous mouth-feel and juicy acidity on the palate with a broad range of exotic fruit and spicy lychee, grapefruit and guava.

91 points – Liam Carrier – – April 27, 2016

Primarily a Gewurztraminer-Riesling blend (47%-32% respectively) with smaller portions of Pinot Auzerrois, Pinot Blanc and a splash of Muscat and Schoenberger; an artful assemblage seeking balance and joy. JoieFarm’s flagship wine fulfils its purpose and will put a smile on the face of even the most serious of curmudgeons thanks to its irresistible combination of off-dry Tropical-exotic fruit, tangy citrus acidity, cool mineral and savoury herb notes.

90 points –  Sara d’Amato – Wine Align – April 26, 2016

Lush and vibrant at once, this Alsatian inspired blend offers a fragrant nose of tender blossom, fresh lime and green apple. On the palate, a great deal of fruit is tempered by saline and zesty acids. Flavours of honeydew melon, orange blossom and white grapefruit dominate the fleshy, almost bone dry palate of great intensity. Great length. Excellent value. Tasted April 2016.

90 points –  Steve Thurlow – Wine Align – April 20, 2016

This wine is a complex blend of five aromatic grapes; gewürztraminer, riesling, pinot blanc, pinot auxerrois and schönburger. The lifted nose of baked apple fruit plus guava jam and baked lemon with ginger spice is very appealing. The palate is rich and lively with a soft acidic balance and some fruit sweetness, however it finishes dry with very good length. Try with seafood and chicken dishes. Tasted April 2016.

2015 Un-Oaked Chardonnay

Silver Medal, 2016 Pacific Rim Wine Awards, California


2013 “En Famille” Reserve Chardonnay

Silver Medal, 2016 Wine Align National Wine Awards of Canada

Silver Medal, 2016 Dan Berger International Wine Competition (formerly Riverside)

Gold Medal, 2016 Pacific Rim Wine Awards, California

Silver Medal, 2016 Chardonnay du Monde, Burgundy

Bronze Medal, 2016 Cascadia Wine Awards, Oregon


2015 A Noble Blend Awards

Silver Medal, 2016 Wine Align National Wine Awards of Canada

Silver Medal, 2016 Dan Berger International Wine Competition (formerly Riverside)

Gold Medal, 2016 Pacific Rim Wine Awards, California

Gold Medal, 2016 Cascadia Wine Awards, Oregon

Best British Columbia Wine, 2016 Cascadia Wine Awards, Oregon

2015 Pinot Blanc Awards

Silver Medal, 2016 Dan Berger International Wine Competition (formerly Riverside)

Gold Medal, 2016 Cascadia Wine Awards, Oregon