Picnique wood-burning oven is open 11:30am-4:30pm daily with take-out available until 5:00pm. 

Daily wood-fired menu items include classic Bianco and Margherita piazzas, fresh Schnitzel and Tuna Nicoise sandwiches, fire-roasted fare and seasonal market pizzas made with vibrant Okanagan ingredients sourced from the Penticton Farmers Market and local artisans.

Joie Picnique is a way for us to offer an authentic winery visit to our Farm and enjoy our food-friendly wines in context.

Alex Sielmann, owner of Gorgeous Georgia’s Ice Cream, leads the Joie Picnique team! Join us on the lawn to enjoy a bite of wood-fired pizza with a  civilized bottle of wine with a blanket in our picnic-endorsed grass area. Our hardwood fired pizzas are traditional Neapolitan style pizza made with the DOP recipe for pizza dough with locally milled, organic “00” flour and topped with fresh seasonal ingredients often from our JoieFarm gardens or Penticton Farmer’s Market.

Ice cream sandwiches and popsicles made by Gorgeous Georgia’s Ice Cream are available to those who would like to enjoy locally-made artisan ice cream with seasonal ingredients.  A summer treat not to be missed!

Bocce balls are available for your amusement.

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