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Heidi Noble | Founder

Heidi Noble is the co-founder and executive winemaker of JoieFarm Winery. Her success as an acknowledged wine business leader is based on her trailblazing approach, well-trained palate, business acumen, perseverance and grit. 

Heidi has built Joie into one of Canada’s leading boutique wineries innovatively focused on aromatic white wines, rosé, bubbles and Burgundian varietals which pair seamlessly with Westcoast cuisine. Heidi has a particular interest in making sure the wines of Joie are consistently expressive of their cool-climate, lake-moderated desert terroir of the Okanagan Valley. JoieFarm’s wines are known for their freshness, natural balance and complexity. They are iconic in BC and helped shape the cultural identity of modern cuisine in British Columbia. 

Heidi is a self-taught winemaker with formal culinary and wine training. She is a proud graduate of the Centre for Theory and Criticism at the University of Western Ontario, the Stratford Chef’s School, and the Canadian Sommelier Guild. She has spent the past 32 years in the food and wine business. Her time working at some of Canada’s best restaurants and in sales on the import side of the wine trade business, deeply informed the basis for the original JoieFarm portfolio. Heidi started Joie with true entrepreneurial spirit. Restless and energetic by nature, between press loads, running Joie, mentoring her team, raising her son Theodore, and generally embracing her own un-stoppable joie-de-vie, Heidi is eager to see JoieFarm take on the next steps in its evolving and exciting story.

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