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Jan Biega | Sales & Marketing Manager


Jan came to JoieFarm in February 2019 bringing a diverse background in retail, catering, hospitality, event management, and having represented a variety of great beer and wine portfolios. He has a Master’s degree in Gastronomy as well as hands-on experience in both the winery and vineyard. Jan currently leads our Sales and Marketing teams. His average day includes coordinating sales to our restaurant and retail partners, extending genuine customer service to our wine club members, designing our next newsletter, boring his colleagues with so-called ‘fun’ facts, and throwing sticks for the dogs. Jan has an impressive pocket square collection, a fascination with antique maps, and strong opinions about kitchen designs.

Jen Carter | Licensee Sales

Jen has always been incredibly passionate about wine and has worked in restaurants for nearly her entire career. Then, one fateful day Heidi reached out to her with a very interesting proposal of helping open her tasting room in 2015.  Since then, Jen has been involved in our winery, our vineyards, as a brand ambassador, and with licensee sales. From farming, to production, to fulfillment, to sales - she has been involved in most aspects of the winery over the years.
Outside of work, Jen loves hiking, trail running with her dogs, reading, and cooking. Her husband,  Clayton, is her best friend. Together they are raising a very funny, sensitive, and sweet son, McKinley, with another baby boy coming soon.


Rachel Taylor | Vancouver & Lower Mainland Sales + Brand Ambassador


Born and raised at the mouth of the Fraser River where fishing and farming is abundant, Rachel found a love for all things food at an early age. Coming from a larger family, she took to experimenting and preparing meals for the ones she loves. Stepping foot onto a restaurant floor as a hostess at 14 years old, she never looked back and claims to “get high on people.” Her passion to make sure guests are having the best of times while learning about what they consume is a thrill for Rachel.Travelling the world, learning new languages, and meeting like minded people is her true passion. She has friends all over the globe and plans to never stop exploring. Her one true love is the adorable, intelligent and sweet pup Pedro. He’s a Mexican rescue from the streets of Nayarit and has shown Rachel what unconditional love really is. He comes everywhere with her, including JoieFarm and can often be seen greeting tasting room guests. 

Steven Lane | Marketing Coordinator

A man of many talents, Steven became sommelier at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver after stints as a semi-pro golfer and songwriter. We were fortunate he decided to bring his creativity and instinctive, casual approach to wine and food to our team in April 2022. Before that, Steven worked with wineries from across the province as part of the Okanagan Wine Club. He prefers an environment where the emphasis is on keeping his company in a jovial mood rather than sweating the small stuff.​​​​​​​​ When not practicing marketing voodoo, you can find him strumming his six-string on a front porch swing somewhere with his honey, Jessie, and their diminutive pup, Dexter.


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