JoieFarm is made up of an amazing team of talented individuals. From our vineyard team, cellarhands, winemakers, admin team to hospitality staff, we are a highly curated collection of people who share a passion of food and wine, collaboration and hard work. Here is an introduction to our family:


Heidi is the Owner and Executive Winemaker at JoieFarm. She is a professionally trained chef and sommelier, winemaker and published author. After graduating with a Philosophy and Western Literature from the University of Western Ontario, she embarked on a culinary career attending the esteemed Stratford Chef’s School. Her restaurant career was spent at some of Canada’s best restaurants including Montreal’s Tôqué and Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario. In 2000, Heidi moved out of the kitchen and trained with the Canadian Sommelier Guild in Vancouver. She then worked in Vancouver’s wine trade with a small, niche European wine importer for four years, until co-founding JoieFarm with Michael Dinn in 2003. She and Michael took JoieFarm from a small on-farm cooking school and guesthouse to an award-winning 15,000 case winery. Heidi’s winemaking skills have been self-taught and guided by the sage advice of many winemaking friends and colleagues from around the world. She has spent countless hours researching, reading, travelling and, most importantly, wine drinking. Heidi manages the winery, deals with licensee sales, as well as farming, coordinating vineyard leases contracts and making wine.


Karl Duda, Cellar Master, joined the team for the crush of 2014, but is no stranger to wineries. Karl grew up on a vineyard outside of Okanagan Falls, and after spending 15 years as a bike mechanic, came back to his roots.  Karl lends his hard work and dedication to our winemaking team and keeping the winery organized and efficient.

Karl Duda

Tyson Archer is our Assistant Winemaker, but you’ll regularly see him in our Tasting Room during the summer. Tyson joined the Tasting Room team in May 2015. Formerly the Lead Cellarhand and Wineshop Manager at Painted Rock and experienced in cellars across Australia, Germany, and New Zealand, Tyson was a perfect candidate to join our winemaking team during the intense and large harvest of 2015. Working with our Cellar Master, Karl, and Executive Winemaker, Heidi, Tyson oversees wine quality, blending and ferments, and brings his hands-on knowledge to the Tasting Room to share with visitors.

Tyson Archer

Adam Splychaski and his unstoppable team at Meritage Viticulture are an integral part of our wine production. Adam and Heidi manage the vineyards in tandem and Adam and his team carefully execute and maintain the JoieFarm vineyard leases and contracts. The Meritage crew have been partners of the JoieFarm family since 2007.

 Adam Splychaski


Alex Sielmann is an honours graduate of the Stratford Chefs School and owner of Gorgeous Georgia’s Homemade Ice Cream – a boutique artisanal ice cream producer based in Penticton.  His dedication to creating delicious food and seamless hospitality has been honed over ten years as a culinary professional.  He has worked and staged at various celebrated restaurants around the world and settled in the spectacular Okanagan Valley to contribute to its vibrant wine and food culture.  As of 2016, Alex and his team took over operations of the beloved Picnique at JoieFarm.

Alex Sielmann


Kaleigh Jorgensen has worked in restaurants and catering for over 10 years and currently manages Picnique at JoieFarm. She is fascinated by all things food and wine; from its agricultural roots to the conviviality of the dinner table. Harmonizing Joie’s wines with fresh, simple food, Kaleigh is a natural host for our beautiful Picnique lawn.


Amy Campbell has been working with JoieFarm since 2015.  Amy has the all-important job of running our order desk and managing and dispatching our delivery partners of Direct Tap and PacRim. Amy’s diligent work ensures that our licensee orders are always correct and on-time. She is happy to suggest new products or aid in list changes as she has been a member of our sales team in our JoieFarm tasting room in seasons past as well as currently dealing with licensee sales in the Interior of BC.

 Amy Campbell

Barbara Jean Tumanut (BJ) is the Joie liaison to our restaurant and private wine shop clients. She provides sales support, arranges client bookings and executes follow-up to our annual vintage releases as well as provides on-going licensee support with list changes, promotions and events. Barbara is part of our tasting room team, manages our social media accounts and all sales and marketing initiatives.

BJ Tumanut

Rebecca Whatley has the important job of managing all of our sales data, logistics and making sense of our allocation draw downs. She manages our inventories to ensure our licensee customers are with wines throughout the year and that all of our sales channels flow smoothly.

Rebecca Whatley

Sogol Jalali joined the JoieFarm team in the summer of 2015. She takes care of the accounting department, and is an integral part of JoieFarm administration team. Sogol started her career in the hospitality industry in Vancouver where she also pursued her WSET and Sommelier certificates. Sogol has spent the last 15-years educating herself and gaining experience in every component of the hospitality and wine industry.

 Sogol Jalali


Jennifer Carter, looks after our Vancouver and Lower Mainland Licensee sales. She is also a member of our winery team and has direct contact with the viticulture, winemaking and sales of the wine. She is a restaurant industry veteran and has worked in all aspects of hospitality, having worked on the floor of restaurants, managing, writing wine programs, bartending as well as in retail settings.

Jennifer Carter

JJ Skidmore, Regional Sales Manager to Vancouver Island, brings a lifetime of dedication to the restaurant business. With 27 years of experience as a restaurant manager and bartender, JJ was instrumental in the set-up of the new JoieFarm tasting room. JJ is currently a part of our harvest team and is a key member of the Joie sales force. JJ brings great love for the JoieFarm brand to Vancouver Island and his home in Victoria where he represents Joie wines with enthusiasm and knowledge.

JJ Skidmore


Michael Dinn co-founded JoieFarm with Heidi Noble in 2003. From 2003 through 2014 Michael oversaw the sales and marketing of JoieFarm. Michael left JoieFarm in 2015 to become a partner in Revelry Import Company in Vancouver, a dynamic, new Western Canadian importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits.