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December 31, 2021 | JoieFarm Winery


New Year’s Eve is one of our very favourite celebrations. The holiday is just bursting with traditions we love—bubbles, the countdown, the iconic midnight kiss...

And we're not alone. Did you know the earliest recorded New Year’s revellers were the Babylonians? They celebrated in late March on the first new moon after the vernal equinox. It was Julius Caesar who established January as the first day of the year. How did the Romans celebrate New Year? Not that differently from us. They partied wildly, exchanged gifts, and decorated their houses.

How has this holiday survived for thousands of years? One popular theory is that it allows us to take stock of our accomplishments, look to new beginnings, while encouraging a sense of renewal. Sentiments we can all identify with during these unique last few years.

With this in mind and in the spirit of rebirth we share this inspirational New Year’s custom from Russia: merrymakers write down their wish for the coming year on a tiny piece of paper, and then, burn it with a candle. Afterwards they place the ashes in their glass of Champagne, drinking it at one minute past midnight. It’s easy to recognize the symbolism in this. We love the idea of our wishes becoming part of us.

From all of us at JoieFarm, may this New Year’s Eve you raise a glass full of wishes! 



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