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2021 Tiny Bubbles Cans (24x 250mL)

2021 Tiny Bubbles Cans (24x 250mL)

Tiny Bubbles is a new wine specifically made to be enjoyed in our new premium 250 mL can format. Made from Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc, it is meant to be a fun, fresh wine intended to be enjoyed with summer-time fun. It has a decidedly tropical, tiki-esque vibe with savoury pineapple flavours coming from the ripe Viognier grown in Oliver. The lime-y, fresh gooseberry notes come from the Sauvignon Blanc which was picked early to keep this summer-banger at a moderate 11.7%.

Sold in flats of 24x 250mL cans (equivalent to 8 standard bottles)

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