JoieFarm Crossflow Filtration

Winter at JoieFarm Winery

Preparing for our JoieFarm 2017 Vintage release

Wintry months on the Naramata Bench of the Okanagan Valley look very different than the sizzling, sunny months of our JoieFarm tasting room season. The crowds of visitors have deserted our once luscious green lawn and our vineyards are thickly blanketed with snow. A grey malaise hangs over Okanagan Lake. Sundresses and shorts have been replaced by snowsuits and touques.

The last of our grapes were harvested in early November just before the first snowfall. Since then, our winery team has devoted maximum effort to create our 15th vintage to be in keeping with the quality and expression of our past vintages; focusing on fresh, intense ripe fruit balanced with natural acidity and complexity.

We’re getting ready to bottle our aromatic white wines and our rosé this upcoming Monday, and in preparation for that, this week we’re filtering all 125,000 litres of these wines! We use what is called a crossflow filtration system, which allows us to filter this volume of wine in about two days, as opposed to taking up to five weeks as it would with more common methods of filtration.

Crossflow filtration is also a gentler process than a lot of other methods of filtration—something that is very important to us—and also has the added benefit of lessening the effects of ‘bottle shock’. All of which allows us to release our aromatic whites and our rosé just in time for patio season on the coast!